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Welcome to Cadden PR & Media. Here's a little post to say Hi, and to introduce ourselves to the world. We've really been in existence since February 2016, but we've been so busy talking to clients and networking, that we have neglected our website. I'm happy to say we have rectified that and you will be hearing from us more often.

June was a particularly busy month. We love collaborating with other people and we were assisting another great PR Company called SM Publicity on some great campaigns, which included the lovely Solas Festival, which was held in Perthshire during 17-19 June.

We also assisted on the SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) Award for 2016. As a journalist who wrote music features and interviewed many great musicians, I was personally excited to have an input in this campaign.

Last year's SAY winner, the lovely Kathryn Joseph, handed over her crown to the equally lovely and talented Anna Meredith, at a ceremony at Paisley Town Hall on June 29th.

SAY Award Winner Anna Meredith. Pic Credit: Euan Robertson

And it's been full steam ahead on this year's Great Scottish Run, which takes place in Glasgow during the weekend of 1st - 2nd October, 2016.

It was the 100 day countdown to the race on 24th June, and we enlisted some new recruits who turned up in George Square attracting lots of attention from passers by.

Thank you for reading, we'll be in touch with more news soon.


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