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July / August 2016 Update

July and August were busy months. We helped SM Publicity at the Edinburgh Festival by working across some PR campaigns for some hugely successful and award-winning theatre companies.

Those shows included Glasgow Girls, Heads Up, Expensive Sh*t, Letters to Windsor House, Equations for a Moving Body, Greater Belfast, Bricking It and Life by the Throat, as well as many others.

Some great coverage and awards were picked up along the way and it made August a very enjoyable month.

Work for The Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run gathered speed and July and August saw some great coverage from case studies and organised photos calls.

Football mascots from some of our Scottish Premier League football teams got together with BBC Children in Need's Pudsey Bear to announce Goals Soccer Centres' team participation in the Great Scottish Run.

And there was another photo call with boxer Charlie Flynn and some S2 pupils from St Mungo's Academy, Glasgow. Charlie even made up his own little poem about the run.

Charlie said,

“Come rain or sun on the Scottish run

be it Mike, Claire or Dan

You’ll need fast feet on the Glasgow beat

to out run the mailman”

Pic Credit: Jeff Holmes

Lots of amazing people take part in the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run and they're running for all kinds of reasons. There's people raising money for charity, they could be marking a milestone, running in memory of a loved one, for a challenge, to get fit or to have fun. It's a privilege to speak to some of these people, to hear and share their stories. And it's great to see them receiving support and encouragement across lots of publications.

The Bank of Scotland have supported the Great Scottish Run for eight years and it's a event that attracts up to 30,000 across the whole weekend of the run.

Read some more inspiring stories below:

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