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February / March 2017 Update

I enjoy working with clients who naturally display philanthropic values. A lovely welcome offshoot to my work with The Manorview Group has been helping to develop their charity foundation. This has led to meeting and building relationships with some great charities and working collaboratively with the Manorview teams to pull everything together and to develop strategies which aim to support their chosen charities by raising awareness, donating their time and fundraising. It's an exciting development which has many far reaching effects, not only for the charities but for the Manorview Group. There's been lots of team building and a general good feeling of being able to give something back and make a difference. As this progresses there's going to be lots to talk about.

Meanwhile Cornhill Castle opened its new Grand Ballroom, which is stunning.

Cornhill Castle, near Biggar, Lanarkshire

Work also started on the Simplyhealth Great Women's Run which will be held in Glasgow on Sunday June 4th. An event which showcases lots of inspiring women who get on their trainers to run for a huge variety of reasons.

A few photo calls to help promote this event lead to meeting some amazing women, and I also got to meet the lovely Eilish McColgan who kindly helped out with a photo call in Glasgow's George Square.

Meanwhile I'm constantly reminded of the potential of young people through my volunteering with MCR Pathways, and loved this story and coverage in The Herald.

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